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A Look Back at ADP’s 2023 Summer Tech Interns

Final Intern

Meet three of our Summer 2023 Technology Interns, Aniyah, Rose, and Dhruv, who shared their ADP experience, including their favorite part about ADP and the different skills they utilized in projects.

Q: Let’s start with some quick intros! What University are you attending, and what is your major? 

A female holding sign that says ADP Offer standing in front of a black curtain
Rose Getting Her Offer

Aniyah: I attend Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science with concentrations in People and Information Internetworks.  

Rose: I am a Rising Senior at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. I double major in Computer Science and Economics. 

Dhruv: I am a Graduate Student at Stevens Institute of Technology, studying Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Algorithms.  

Q: What ADP Innovation Center were you working out of?  

Aniyah: I went to the Alpharetta office in Georgia. 

Rose: I was in the ADP Roseland office in New Jersey!

Dhruv: My internship was at the ADP Parsippany Center in New Jersey.  

Q: What did you enjoy during your internship at ADP? 

Aniyah: As a Web Development Intern, I enjoyed enhancing the ADP Carrier Integrations tile with my team to display helpful information for users. 

Rose: Although this was my first time in New Jersey, I enjoyed its convenient location near major cities, abundant amenities, and opportunities for professional growth. The welcoming associates and interns at the Roseland office made working at ADP a delightful experience! 

Dhruv: I was grateful for my leader, Lijia's guidance under the Data Engineering team. It was an excellent opportunity for me to work with other computer scientists and engineers on multiple projects.

Q: What skills/technologies did you utilize? 

Three interns wearing white tops and colorful hats at an office settin
Fun Hat Day at ADP

Aniyah: I worked with the updated Waypoint Design System, utilized JavaScript for various components on the tile, and updated the backend logic using Java and Eclipse STS. During the internship, I also used React.js, Redux.js, Spring Boot, and Postman API.  

Rose: I applied programming, computing skills, and critical thinking mindsets in business settings. 

Dhruv: Some skills I used included Bitbucket, Azure Databricks, Data Science, and Python.

Q: What was your favorite thing about your working location? 

Aniyah: I enjoyed working with the ADP Delphinus Team in an Agile/Scrum environment. I also loved how collaborative and social the office is. It's always fun not working from home because you hear the conversation in person, and the ideas transfer much faster.  

Rose: The people at ADP! I had the pleasure of meeting with ADP's associates at the Grace Hopper Conference last October, and I am thankful for all the support and guidance I have received from ADP ever since. 

Dhruv: My favorite thing was the ability to connect with other interns in my location. We were able to bond over lunch outside, as well as in productive workshops during the day. I learned so much over the summer!  

Q: Ok, let’s shift things outside of work. If you could travel anywhere for your PTO, where would you go?

ADP Interns standing in front of red backdrop corportae headquarters

Aniyah: For me, it's either DC or St. Augustine, Florida! 

Rose: My favorite vacation spot during the summer is my friend's parents’ cottage north of Rochester, New York. It offers a peaceful summer getaway where I can reconnect with nature and enjoy the tranquility away from city life. 

Dhruv: Europe is my dream vacation spot, and if it's for a dream weekend getaway, I'd say Atlantic City!  

Thank you, Aniyah, Rose, and Dhruv, for your hard work and dedication!  

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