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2022 IN REVIEW – Top Ten Blogs from Innovation to Leadership

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Cybersecurity, hybrid work, and diversity – business is changing.   

We started the year with a video on workforce trends, sharing that 75% of the global workforce changed how or where they live. Workers who trust their team and leaders are seven times more likely to be strongly connected.  

With a new year ahead, we continue building a transformed workplace, designing for everyone. Here’s a video on ADP leaders sharing insights about our DE&I strategies and how to lead with inclusive language. 

Top Ten Blogs of the Year  

1) Looking for an Internship or First Job? Here’s the secret to getting hired 

What do I do if an internship requires a specific degree? What if the job required two years of relevant experience and I only have 1.5 years? 

Liz Gelb-O’Connor, Global Head of Employer Brand & Marketing, shares hiring stories and qualities recruiters look for in top candidates!  

2) How Al/ML are Driving Innovation and Opportunities at ADP 

The blog is tailored for technologists interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

“The future of learning will involve more personalization and customization based on learning styles, competencies, and preferences.”  

Hear about the future of Human Capital Management Software and AI applications in the real world from Julio Hartmann, Vice President and General Manager of ADP Brazil Labs.  

3) Career Journey from a Filmmaker to a Conversational Designer (CxD) 

What does storytelling mean? Meet Azfar R. as he shares his inspiration and career journey from a filmmaker to a conversational designer.  

 “For anyone who wants to work as a conversation designer, the first step would be to understand how human-computer interactions (HCI) work.” 

4) Team APIs: What They Are and Why They Matter to Teamwork 

We live in a world where people always look for the next best thing.   

Regarding leadership, we know that if you’re engaged with your team, they will be engaged too, which translates into a lack of passion and excitement in the products they create!  

Charles explores various team management methodologies in this blog, including four different team types and three interacting models. 

5) The Five Key Elements of a Product Champion 

Is coding a requirement for working in tech? I come from a non-tech background. Is there a role for me at ADP Tech?  

“One of the most critical tasks in product management is to track the team’s steps and measure if they will lead to the desired objectives and outcomes.”  

Read the five key elements in product management and search for your next move!  

6) Devi R., Senior Director of DevOps, Builds Products with Empathy  

“STEM, to me, is beyond degree and credentials. It’s about applying and leveraging engineering knowledge and empathy toward every product.” 

How does Day in Life look for the Senior Director, DevOps? What is a piece of advice for young technologists? 

Meet Devi R., a technologist who enjoys exploring the world and inspiring others. She joined ADP in 2020, building the ADP’s flagship MyADP with her team in Global Products & Technology. 

7) Life @ ADP S2EP4: Let’s Talk #ADPTech 

Have you subscribed to Life@ADP? Click the play button and grab a drink.  

The episode is great for associates and applicants interested in the scale ADP operates at, including the leadership teams’ strategies and their focus on data security.  

Lohit Sarma, a Senior Vice President of Product Development, spoke about various areas in #ADPTech, from User Experience (UX), Security Engineering, to Site Reliability Engineering.   

Life @ ADP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music.  

8) 2022 Workforce Trends – Future of Work 

We identified the top trends reshaping the future of work: 

  • Data & Expertise Power Resilience  
  • Innovation Accelerates Growth 
  • Employee Visibility Refined 
  • People & Purpose Drive Culture 

Rewatch the workforce trends in 2022 here. For more insights, subscribe to the tech blog and receive monthly newsletters.  

9) My ADP Coming-Out Story  

We were proud to celebrate Pride Month in June by featuring Taylor, the Information Security Project Manager, and her story of how she has always been met with kindness here at ADP.  

“Everyone who celebrates love has a role in our community and this movement. Whether it is Women’s month, Pride month, or every month over, under, or in between our personal lives and our professional lives, every moment matters. You matter.” 

10) APIs vs. Web Service: What’s the Difference?  

We live in a digital age where almost everything is done through an API or Web Service. Have you ever wondered about the differences? What’s the future of using API standards?  

We spoke to Leslie E., Senior Director of Application Development, and she shared her take on integrations for our Human Capital Management (HCM) products. 

We’d like to thank our associates across the globe for contributing! From Tech Trends, Women in STEM, and Career Advice, to Award Stories, we will continue sharing stories with the community.  

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