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Cheryl L., VP of Product Management, Inspires Her Team to Ask Better, Meaningful Questions

Women in STEM.

Cheryl’s team asks themselves: How can we develop the most innovative payroll engine? How can we do things differently? How can we transform? Let’s dive deeper.

Coming to ADP  

Cheryl L., Vice President of Product Management and Strategy, leads the product management and strategy team for ADP’s next-gen global payroll solution. She is an adaptable leader with management skills capable of delivering results from strategy to execution. Cheryl is passionate about helping companies transform and grow through outstanding customer and user experiences. She has experience in working cross-functionally, communicating, and influencing all stakeholders. 

Cheryl L.,VP of Product Management

Before coming to ADP, Cheryl worked in consumer retail management consulting. “I always enjoyed making an impact, so I wanted to join a client-focused company that was data and technology-driven – a company that understood the importance of the digital world and technology,” Cheryl said. “ADP was the one company I never found a reason to say no to, and that’s how my journey began.” She stayed at ADP because she loves the people and the culture here. Her teams and managers support innovative ideas, embracing a positive working culture. 

Leadership: Teamwork 

There are different strategies in ADP’s transformation to a technology company, including focusing on leadership, developing innovative technologies, and making global impacts. Cheryl believes ADP’s transformation to a technology company has different meanings to different teams. “From business operation to data science, everyone’s contribution matters. We’re in this together and I’m so glad to be a part of the journey,” she said.  

Leaders at ADP advocate diversity and inclusion efforts, embracing associates from different teams and years of service. “You could be a frontline worker to meet the company’s executive officers and know they’d love to hear your thoughts,” Cheryl said. “I appreciate the mindset we have as a group, and I believe understanding every associate’s voice benefits engagement and productivity.”  

As a leader, she appreciates her team’s ability to approach problems with logic. Her team enjoys passionate debates with critical thinking. People on Cheryl’s team educate and have intellectual conversations with each other, never shying away from challenging questions. “My team is great at asking questions. Why? What can we do differently? How do we influence others to approach their work? What is the best we could provide?” Cheryl said. “I appreciate the availability and openness in teams at ADP. Each mindset has a unique, diverse lens in approaching problems.” We are proud of the working culture at ADP, where we promise every associate with career advancement and personal growth. 

Mentorship Opportunities  

Cheryl in front of Taj Mahal

ADP does an excellent job by providing different mentorship opportunities for technologists. As Cheryl reflects on her career at ADP, she shares methods to identify the opportunities and how she connects with people across various teams. “I felt it from day one that people recognize and value all mentor-mentee relationships,” Cheryl said. “I encourage associates to let people know you’re looking for a mentor.”  

As a mentor in the technology group, Cheryl believes mentorship is important because it’s not just about work; it is about growth, receiving practical advice, and gaining perspectives. She has been a mentor for the last two cycles in a formal mentorship program, connecting with other women technologists. “Each round of mentorship takes about six months, and the experience has been fascinating,” Cheryl said. “I have been in contact with every mentee since the program ended. It’s a long-term professional connection that empowers, inspires, and makes a difference in one’s career path.” She feels privileged to get to know people outside of her areas and help them think through the challenges, the opportunities, and the focus of their careers. 

STEM: Foundation in Life  

Cheryl received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the John Hopkins University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. With years of education and working experience, she defines STEM as the foundation of every discussion. “It is the foundation of science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM is about the ability to solve problems with evidence and to think logically,” she said. “This type of thinking helps me connect with absolutely anything and anyone in the world.”  

She recalls sharing with a friend about her niece making paper airplanes over Thanksgiving. The scenario reminded Cheryl of her time in school, studying math and science. “We talked about aerodynamics and related topics. The experience comes back to the core science,” she said. “It’s the ability to use mathematical and experimental technique employed logic to solve any problem that comes your way.”  

Advice for Women in STEM 

Cheryl (second from the left) and Her Friends

There are endless possibilities in technology development and those who work in tech. “You’re not limited by anything. I encourage women technologists to keep learning because you would apply the knowledge in unexpected areas of life. All you must do is to try. Getting a no is not the worst thing in the world. Don’t be afraid of rejections. Those experiences are helpful for you to acknowledge the right causes, giving you time and opportunities to analyze the outcomes,” Cheryl said. “You could then think about how to pivot, do something new, and change. We should be more afraid of never getting the experiences in the first place.”

Cheryl sees changes as evolutionary and essential in her career path. She went from working at a top-three management consulting firm on beauty and consumer brands to working in payroll and technology. “I’m excited to move from strategy to product with ownership and ability to drive more tangible outcomes,” she said. “I’m excited to figure out what my next step is, continuing leading teams and meeting great minds at ADP.” She is grateful for her decision to come to ADP, working with talented associates and managers.   

Outside of Work: Baking Hobby

Cheryl’s Homemade Apple Pie

We are interested in learning what recharges the associates. For Cheryl, baking brings her joy and laughter. She bakes once a week outside of work and enjoys reading about desserts. She was excited to share she created a small delivery service in her community during the pandemic. “I started driving around, delivering the sweets to my friends who lived close to me,” Cheryl said. “My absolute favorite is Apple pie, and I’m also obsessed with making marshmallows from scratch.” Her friends are so lucky to have her!  


To Cheryl, #ADPTech is creative, passionate, and innovative. “I believe you must be passionate about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. I appreciate my teams and their innovations, always asking the essential questions,” Cheryl said. “We ask ourselves: How can we develop the most innovative payroll engine? Let’s figure out the ecosystem. How can we do things differently? How can we transform? How can we think differently? What does it mean if we chose one direction over the other? Let’s dive deeper.” At ADP, we value feedback and outcome together as a team, tackling every step of the challenges together.    

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