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Life @ ADP EP5: Extraordinary Careers: Mentorship, the Power of Connections, and more

Life@ADP Episode Five.

Tawana, VP of Implementation, shares her perspective on career growth, mentorship opportunities, and power of connections.

What are the mentorship opportunities at ADP? What does it mean to be a leader? What is the power of connection? We have the answers for you in Life @ ADP Episode five.  

In this episode, our hosts Ingrid and Kate invited Tawana, VP of Implementation, to share her career journey. You will hear Tawana talk about her sponsorship connection with Debbie Dyson, President of National accounts at ADP. The mentorship experience transforms Tawana’s professional life and inspires her to take on new opportunities in every role she accepts.   

“I’ve been in small business, retirement services, and global business transformation. I’m now in major accounts implementation, an amazing place to learn, grow, and shift perspectives,” Tawana says, reflecting on her career development. “I see myself growing at ADP, continuing to be successful, and leading more associates to advance their career paths.”  

Tawana is grateful to be a part of the inclusive culture at ADP. She shares her involvement with ADP’s Business Resource Group (BRG), learning new information and forming connections. “I am an active member of six BRGs. For example, we discuss topics going on in the world at the Cultivate BRG,” Tawana said. “The community respects and supports our internal associates. It’s a safe space to ask questions and exchange thoughts.”  

We recommend the episode for associates and future candidates to get a deep understanding of ADP’s culture. Tawana shares her personal experience as a single mother to a 15-year-old son when she talks about work-life balance. “I remember getting promoted to a new role and was ready to dive right in. ADP accommodated my schedule changes, knowing we had to relocate in the middle of the school year,” Tawana says. “I appreciate the flexibility and understanding ADP had. They allowed me to take the time and get my son acclimated to the new school first.”  

A positive working environment consists of caring people and leaders. Tawana takes the time to speak more about leadership and the power of connection with the hosts. Whether within Tawana’s global team or balancing relationships outside of ADP, she highlights the importance of celebration, emotional intelligence in communication, and showing appreciation to teammates.  

“Not only do we connect at work, but also we connect on a personal level. We always allocate time to catch up and learn about each other,” Tawana said. “This has allowed my team to stay connected during COVID. We take care of each other during difficult times.” 

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