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ADP’s Thrive BRG Celebrates International Wheelchair Day

Man in wheelchair participates in a meeting.

The first day of March marks the annual celebration of International Wheelchair Day.

Initially launched in 2008, the significance of International Wheelchair Day remains as important as ever, as it sets a reminder and occasion for wheelchair users to celebrate the positive influence wheelchairs have on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. As a rising trend, the celebration and acknowledgment of International Wheelchair Day continue to receive well-earned attention on a global scale. Since its beginning, celebrations have taken place in countries including Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, the UK, and the United States.

All ADP locations are wheelchair accessible. Elizabeth Abbott, a Payroll Solutions Specialist and wheelchair user at our OneADP Norfolk location stated that “ADP’s focus and commitment to inclusion is one of the best attitudes in the industry. Never have I felt like a business truly cares for the needs and accommodations the way ADP does. Here, my disability does not hold me back from being included in the global society ADP has helped to flourish.”

International Wheelchair Day can serve as a significant event to raise awareness for wheelchair users and draw in advocates whose voice can make a difference. The Thrive BRG recognizes that for wheelchair users, or those who are #WorkingFor others with disabilities, it is a day worth recognizing and celebrating. At ADP, we support and celebrate an inclusive environment. We commit to showing those with disabilities and our fellow associates that we care.

By Matt Fulmer, Marketing Manager

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