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Aim High and Deliver: iWIN

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By Aynsley T., VP of Product Management

I joined ADP in early 2020 - exactly seven weeks before the world changed and we went into lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic. I'll never forget the thought across the organization – we'll just be home for about two weeks.

At the time, I had just started to get to know my colleagues and settle in. You can imagine how challenging it was early on in my career at ADP to shift from working in the office to working fully remotely, all while missing those touchpoints of connectivity with my new teammates. You may even be nodding your head, "Yes" right now because you felt the same way!

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Aynsley and her family

I'm a social person by nature, and I thrive on developing relationships at work to ensure I'm enjoying my time and connecting with the people I work with. We spend so much time on work so we should have fun and meet new friends too!

That's when I came across ADP's Business Resource Groups (BRGs). They are ten global groups that help associates develop their careers, and we are encouraged to join based on different interests, networks, and allyship. For example, the Green BRG supports environmental sustainability, and the Pride BRG represents our LGBTQ+ community. With the intent of supporting fellow women in mind, I signed up for the International Women's Inclusion Network (iWIN) since I've always enjoyed being a part of women's networks at work.

From mentoring to giving back to the community, I enjoy bonding over important topics and connecting with fellow members. As the Head of Product for Retirement Services, I gained a better perspective on how others think about retirement, what they need help planning, and whether our product meets their needs.

iWIN regularly holds sessions such as "The Numbers of Our Business," which focuses on financial wellness and education. Both subjects are often overlooked among busy professionals at various ages and career stages. I'm glad to be a part of the group that makes sure our clients and associates learn about what they need to prepare for retirement.

Not only did iWIN expand my network, but also gave me opportunities to grow professionally and make friends in many teams. Additionally, connecting with senior female leaders has given me a chance to reflect on my leadership style. It's nudged me to aim high and deliver as I see there is no ceiling, no limit, no stopping at ADP.

I encourage anybody who is reading this to join communities inside and outside of work that fulfills you and align with your personal values. My participation in iWIN has reinforced the reason I came to ADP—to work alongside open-minded people, specifically women and allies, who help raise all of us as we work together regardless of gender, race, beliefs, orientation, or more.

If you are looking for ways to enrich your career journey, find a community and get ready to aim high and deliver!

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