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Law of Resonance: Reaching New Heights Through Connection


By Viplove S., Senior Architect  

We all have one teacher in school who makes a boring subject come to life. I remember my Physics Professor and his lesson on the Law of Resonance – the frequency of your experiences will attract other phenomena at the same frequency to vibrate together in resonance. 

"Imagine you are eating your meal alone. You will eat only a certain amount. Now, imagine eating the same meal with your best friends. Would you eat more? Yes! That's the Law of Resonance for you!" The lesson followed me all my life. When I run alone, I can barely go five miles non-stop. When running with a group, I go double the miles. 

The same is true for the world of technology.   

Two men posing in orange shirts at a marathon
Viplove (right) and his colleague Achuta at a half marathon

Every product released in the market is a collective work of many souls and minds. No technologist ever works in isolation to create wonders. Agile is built on the premise that a group of people work together to accomplish the team's goals. That a group is greater than the sum of its parts. 

As a Senior Architect at ADP, I find resonance all around me. My favorite part of the day has always been problem-solving discussions with fellow architects, product managers, site reliability engineers, and development teams. The architect's community at ADP is so close that we often exchange ideas and passionate, healthy debates. I once contacted an associate in the US for information, and she referred me to another associate in France. Despite the distance and different team functions, we collaborate and do our best to help one another.   

Just like the minds that resonate at work, the connection at work resonates beyond it. The lunches and team bonding events bring associates closer, eventually leading to better work collaboration. In the ADP India offices, we have events like Bring Your Child to Work Day and Company Day, an annual large gathering of all associates to celebrate cultural events, showcase projects, and present team awards.   

There is something special about how we work together here to produce extraordinary results. In the words of Anila V., a leader from one of our winning teams, "The team award is a testimony to everyone's wholehearted commitment, relentlessness, and empathy towards each other. Our Product Development team worked with the Service and Implementation Team. We're grateful for their shared knowledge and expertise. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.” 

a group of people standing in front of a decorative waterfall
Viplove and one of his teams at an offsite

Having been a part of ADP for four years, I strongly believe that what my professor taught applied to my experience at ADP, too. We are all bound by ADP’s values and vision. Teams deliver great outcomes because each member is focused on service excellence, inspiring innovation, and is results-driven while keeping in mind that integrity is everything and each person counts. We are a team of resonating minds who are always designing for people. 

We create an environment where technologists can learn and improve together. The fact that we have a team of ten thousand technologists who are aligned beyond functional areas globally while being able to create award-winning HCM products is what makes us proud.  

Learn more about working in our India locations and visit Who We Hire. 

Viplove S. is a Senior Architect responsible for Architecture, Standards, Governance, and Talent Management, supporting products for National Accounts Services clients in Hyderabad, India. To him, happiness means spending time with family, giving his best at work, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Outside of technology, Viplove enjoys running, singing, dancing, reading, and writing stories.

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