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ADP Brazil Labs Breaks Language Barriers with Thrive

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Learning how to communicate in an inclusive way is essential in today's world, where diversity holds many meanings. If you work in global teams, consider learning sign language and building professional relationships with those who express themselves by fingerspelling.

According to recent National Library of Medicine research, learning sign languages can... 

  1. Enhance social cognition. 
  2. Improve the ability to identify facial expressions.
  3. Create opportunities to engage with other cultures. 

To provide associates with networking and learning opportunities, ADP creates different Business Resource Groups (BRGs), one of which is Thrive. The community supports associates with visible and invisible disabilities. 

In partnership with Thrive BRG, Ivan D., a Software Developer, took the lead and taught ADP Brazil Labs associates fingerspelling language Libras, Brazil's most prominent sign language. Ivan has participated in sign language education webinars around the globe, inspiring working professionals to break language barriers.  

"I was born hearing, but I had meningitis when I was three years old. Since then, I have been completely deaf, and sign language has become my official language," Ivan said. "My motivation behind teaching sign language is to share knowledge in communicating, making collaborations easier for coworkers with disabilities."  

From learning about people with disabilities to understanding what they desire at work, ADP Brazil Labs associates found the experience rewarding. "As an associate with a hearing disability, it was important for me to attend the learning sessions," Ricardo S, Associate Developer, said. "It was a wonderful experience to use sign language in communicating with deaf coworkers I just met."  

a man teaching sign languages using presentation"As a UX Designer who works on ADP products, my focus has always been accessibility," Bruno D. said. "I will keep learning ways to improve user experience and participate in learning opportunities."  

This initiative is one way our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) inspire associates to learn, network, and create products representing the clients and communities. As developers and designers work closely with products, roadmaps, and user experiences, ADP will continue providing opportunities to represent the communities in which we live and work.  

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