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Meet ADP's Newest Distinguished Engineers!

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Chuck L.

By Chuck L., Senior Director of Application Development

As a technologist passionate about DevOps and Software Delivery, I was excited to meet ADP's newest Distinguished Engineers, Prateek M., and Oleg D. We talked about career paths, current industry trends, and what innovation means in a tech company like ADP. 

Chuck: Congratulations on being recognized as ADP'S Distinguished Engineer. What does the new title mean to you? 

Oleg: It shows ADP has a tech career path for individual contributors like me. The recognition makes me proud, and I'm glad to be here. It is also an opportunity for me to engage with other associates at our innovation labs. 

Prateek: I agree with Oleg. The recognition represents respect for technologists and engineers at ADP. We feel valued to be a part of the tech here. I look forward to supporting our friends across teams, especially in building a low-friction infrastructure and effective systems.  

Chuck: That's great. As you know, we also focus on things like reusability and sharing at ADP. Let's talk about open standards next. How do you see us contributing and using those systems?  

Prateek: Open standards are the foundation of productivity and training. Instead of building everything up from the ground, one can use the well-known package. This means we can build interesting business functionality when you have open sources supported worldwide. They are practical and a big passion in my career. 

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Prateek and his wife in Japan

Oleg: When we adopt an open-source library, we need to be prepared to take ownership and work on the maintenance. That’s how we build and contribute back to the community. 

Prateek: One thing I learned from the experience was to always recognize and understand people using the system. We must acknowledge that building reusable components requires program and product management, which could be a great investment opportunity.  

Chuck: Oleg and Patreek, how do you embed the idea of engineering excellence in your teams? And what does the term mean to you? 

Oleg: First, we need to understand how to observe and measure quality. My passion lies in developer productivity. As an architect, not only do I make sure the application is working and secure, but I also make sure the engineers are happy. I always ask myself if there is anything I can do to make their day smoother.  

Prateek: Engineers appreciate knowing the kind of tools there are, and that's why tooling and measurement are critical. Another thing is flexibility, meaning working together in flexible ways. There is a difference between an early-stage product, a more mature project, and a legacy product. Each will have a different center of gravity, and different things need to be considered. Thinking from an engineer's perspective and providing help can go a long way. 

Chuck: What's next for both of you? What are some future projects or technologies you are excited about?  

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Oleg enjoys traveling and cycling during his free time

Oleg: I would like to help build a culture of technological innovation. ADP has many talented engineers and ideas that can be fostered into building complex technology systems and solving business problems. For example, people could benefit from data protection and graphs we are working on.  

Prateek: I'd like to work on building out the security infrastructures. The teams need to understand the core experiences we offer to our customers and developers. And through this knowledge, engineers can discuss how to put the proper requirements in building out tools. 

Chuck: Thank you both for joining me and sharing engineering insights. This was a great conversation. Once again, congratulations on your new titles and achievements. We can't wait to see what's next! 

Want to be recognized as a Distinguished Engineer? Consider a tech career at ADP. 

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