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Our Next-Gen Platform

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We’re building the next generation of ADP’s Human Capital Management software solutions.

It’s an ambitious goal, but we’re focused and committed. If we do it right, we’ll completely upend the HCM tech scene.

We want to enable companies of all types to unlock the full potential of their people and become wildly successful. To do that, we’re building a pretty amazing platform with killer apps — from payroll and benefits to performance management and career growth — that will work seamlessly with a company’s unique culture. Instead of HR getting in the way, it’s just the right amount of HR for each company.

The best part? The work we do here will impact millions of people globally.

Cool, right?

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What is the Lifion platform?

Our platform allows developers to build business-facing applications without the overhead of using conventional development languages.

The design tools enabled by our platform allow for rapid application development, so developers can work quickly by leveraging drag-and-drop UIs to define data sources, data types, constraints, display rules, UI actions, and more. They can even deploy the application and define access and authorization permissions — all with a minimum amount of traditional ‘hand-coding’ techniques.

Screenshot of a department org chart.

But how does this accelerate innovation?

Simple: businesses’ need for software is being outpaced by traditional developers’ ability to build it, and our developers can build applications in days, rather than weeks or months.

Not only that, but Lifion developers are also able to refine and continuously improve on applications — a major competitive advantage over organizations that are still using more conventional methods of development.

Flow chart

Visualizing application logic is simple with the Lifion platform.

How do we develop at Lifion?

We built the Lifion platform to allow our devs to generate ideas and execute on them immediately. Since the platform allows us to bypass some of the typical bottlenecks in the software development process, we can continuously iterate on and improve our applications — which means our clients get the latest and greatest from us.

These iterations and improvements are possible because our platform and its powerful design tools allow our developers to seamlessly bind together a lot of things, like:

  • application logic
  • user interfaces
  • data models
  • data security & authorization
  • unit tests
  • ETL processes

This results in complex, custom application suites — all developed at rapid speed.

Interest piqued?

Learn more about how you can help build the future of HCM software — read more about our careers.

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