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A Fireside Chat with Fernando, VP of Data Science

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We sat down with Fernando S., VP of Data Science from ADP's New York City Innovation Center. Fernando is a former tenured Professor of Mathematics who uses deep technical knowledge, commercial experience, and team leadership skills to build successful AI teams with global reach. 

Q: What brought you to ADP?

A: I had previously worked in academia and healthcare technology before coming to ADP. With a background in mathematics, I find data science and machine learning fascinating. The idea that I got to have an impact on people and develop cutting-edge technologies at the same time in HR Tech seemed very interesting, so I joined ADP, and I’m grateful I did! 

Q: What does #ADPTech mean to you? 

A: We are a company that produces a tremendous amount of data in the Human Capital Management space, and I enjoy being closer to data production and the technology explosion. Working with technology and data is always exciting and creates impactful products for the organization. Fulfillment makes one's commitment to learning and growing well worth it.  

Q: How would you describe the AI community at ADP?

A: Many talented, passionate individuals exchange what's new in AI and their perspectives. As someone paying close attention to tech trends, I created an internal channel called AI Community of Practice, where we set up calls every other week with external speakers for knowledge-sharing. This is one of the ways I stay connected to the AI community and my team. In the future state, I will also be heavily involved in an internship program where I will meet young talents for next Summer!

Q: What is it like to work in your team?

A: As a Hispanic associate, diversity and inclusion are valuable. You will work with associates from different backgrounds and experiences. Especially when it comes to data science, which is a rapidly evolving space, we don't want to have a blind spot. Having diversity in the mix allows us to build products from multiple angles. I also work hard on setting up the culture for my team. People need to feel heard and not afraid to express their opinions.

Q: What are some ways to stay up to date with the latest tech?  

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Fernando and his family

A: I stay on top of the news by subscribing to feeds, channels, and newsletters around the latest technologies. Another way is to meet and talk to people because there are always new topics to learn about and connect with. While there are many unknowns in the future of AI, we should all try to learn the most we can from and about it.  

Q: What's your next step in discovering and leading in AI? 

A: Outside work, I volunteer as a data mentor and guide underrepresented groups of early career professionals. I was also invited to speak at a panel at Adelante, ADP's Hispanic and Latino Business Resource Group. From conferences to virtual meetings, I look forward to connecting with more data scientists and seeing more Gen AI in production. 

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