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Grace Hopper Celebration 2022 – Next is NOW

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We met up with three ADP women in tech attending this year’s Celebration. They shared their experience and what it means to be a part of the incredible network.

ADP was proud to sponsor our 13th consecutive year of’s Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). This year’s celebration was virtual and in person from September 20 – 23 in Orlando, Florida. The theme “Next is NOW” was reflected among women speakers who promoted a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

All attendees had opportunities to connect, inspire, and exchange ideas with thousands of women and non-binary technologists globally. We are even prouder to announce that, host of GHC, named ADP 2022 Top Companies for Women Technologists Winner in the Large Technical Workforce category. The national program from is the only benchmarking program that looks specifically at technical employees and awards companies embracing accountability and making the most progress toward women’s equity. Read the full press release here. 

ADP Associates at the GHC
ADP Associates at the GHC

The annual Grace Hopper Celebration – now in its 29th year – has been designed to connect women in technology to discuss career and research interests. We met up with three ADP women in tech who attended this year’s celebration. They shared with us their experience at the conference and what it means to be a part of the incredible community.  

Mina J., Director of UX Research, tells us it was her first time attending and presenting at the celebration. “As a minority woman, attending the conference as a leader meant a lot to me. It was an honor to represent ADP, helping others in their early career stage.”

Jyotsna M., Director of Product Management, was excited about expanding her network at the conference. “Grace Hopper was an incredible opportunity that brought together students, technical staff, and professionals to keep learning from each other. I was excited to meet next-generation talents at the event!” 

Doreen C., Senior Director of Career Growth and Development, also spoke at the Grace Hopper Celebration. Her session was about combining strengths and careers at work, leading attendees in building elevator pitches. “It was my first time attending the conference, and I enjoyed meeting technologists who visited us at our booth!” 

We also spoke to these women about their topics and experiences as technologists at ADP.

“Everything is digital, which transformed the world of work forever,” Jyotsna said. “As a woman in STEM, my topic on product management included the next ideas in the businesses and how we make a meaningful impact on users.”

Jyotsna, Mina, and Doreen (left to right)

This year marks Jyotsna’s 15th year at ADP. She talked about designing a happy career and loving one’s work in 2019. This year, she was happy to present the secret guide to driving career growth in product management. 

Mina’s journey as a woman technologist has been incredible. She started her journey in tech in 2000 and often was one of the few women in the room of engineers. “I rarely had a network of women technologists around me. Fast forward now, I am grateful to have supportive women at all different levels across ADP.” 

Her topic at the celebration was titled An Introvert’s Guide to Bringing Your Best to the Table. It was a diversity, equity, and inclusion topic. “One fun fact to share: 50% or more of the global population categorizes as introverts. When you look at the tech industry, the percentage may even soar higher,” Mina said. She spoke about her personal experience in helping others feel supported. 

Doreen believed everyone has different definitions of career success today than we did years ago. Her topic was titled Foot on the Gas, Hands on the Wheel, and diving deep into actionable guidance and tips to drive one’s career. “Career growth and development at ADP is personal. We want our folks to move forward toward career accomplishments that excite and energize them,” she said.

As leaders representing ADP, we asked them what they would tell their younger selves. 

“Who you are today is just a starting point; who you can be tomorrow is a world of wide-open opportunities,” Jyotsna said. 

Jyotsna said she would tell her younger self to speak up about what motivated her and inspired her. She found her one-on-one time with managers helpful in talking about what she thrived on, which became her strength. 

Doreen recognized every choice she made and every action that led her to where she is today. “I wouldn’t go back and erase anything, but I would remind myself to be my cheerleader. Find out what activates you love doing and do more of those as often as possible,” she said. 

“Looking back, I was learning daily and year to year at work that would ladder up to an engaging leadership career,” Mina said. “Sometimes you don’t have the visible upward mobility of how much you are learning at the moment, and that’s okay. The experiences will prepare you for a rewarding career journey.” She encourages associates to keep growing and starting their own hustle.  

In the future, ADP will continue providing opportunities for young talents and female technologists to connect and learn from industry leaders. We encourage all women in stem to support, inspire, and celebrate one another’s achievements. 

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