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ADP Shines in the Growing World of Women in Tech

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ADP Shines in the Growing World of Women in Tech

ADP has long been a leader in the tech space with its comprehensive suite of payroll, HR, and time management solutions. What many don't know is that our innovative solutions are often the result of many female tech experts who have made it their mission to revolutionize the industry.   

We are proud to share that Seramount, a strategic professional services firm dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, has rated ADP as a top company for Multicultural Women for the 10th year.

With ADP's commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have attracted some of the brightest minds to join our team in an environment where women in tech thrive – from career-building opportunities, mentoring programs, and recognition for their accomplishments.   

Meet Tawana T., the Vice President of Service and Implementation, who identifies as a multicultural woman. She shares her experience of what it's like to be supported at work and how that makes an impact on her leadership.  

A woman in red clothes posing next to her bike.
Tawana at ADP Pride Business Resource Group (BRG) sponsored event Cycle for the Cause, a 275-mile bike ride for charity

"This is my 10th year working at ADP, and what I love the most is you can be who you are and embrace your culture without fear or feeling uncomfortable," Tawana said. "I am a mix of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. I believe it's critical for businesses to evolve, acknowledge, and accept all different cultures."  

Tawana is also a part of Cultivate, ADP's Black and African American Business Resource Group (BRG), with a mission of inspiring, empowering, and encouraging its members. Learn more about nine other BRGs at ADP.  

"From your hairstyle, holidays, how to display yourself to the way you dress, the culture here is so accepting that I never felt judged or held back," Tawana said. "And I love that because I could meet people at events where we share different celebrations, experiences, and food."  

At ADP, we believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to being an innovative leader in the tech space. According to the recent report by the Women Tech Network, women hold 28% of all jobs in computer and mathematical occupations, and 15.9% in engineering and architecture occupations. Of those women in STEM fields, even fewer belong to the underrepresented groups.    

Four women standing next to a poster that says bring your fresh outlook to work.
Jennie (right) at Women In Technology's Graduation for Single Mother's Program

Despite these low numbers, ADP and many companies worldwide strive to make a difference, encouraging hiring, developing, advancing, and retaining multicultural women in STEM. From strategic investments in recruitment efforts to mentorship programs, we are helping to close the gender gap. 

We met Jennie J. and Mina J, Directors of User Experience Research. They shared the importance of finding a peer group and continuing learning in the research community.

"The discipline of UX Research has grown exponentially in the past decade, and many talented individuals are entering the field from non-traditional educational backgrounds, such as journalism or academia," Jennie said. "Identifying peers in the workplace who can round out your skills and hone in your expertise will enhance your personal growth and the success of your team." 

ADP Women leaders in tech put themselves at the forefront of research and encourage young associates to follow their footsteps. Jennie and Mina's leadership and partnership is rare to find in tech, and we're grateful to have them drive qualitative and quantitative insights to build better products.

"One piece of advice for women technologists is to learn how to design your career. Understand what's possible. Be curious and explore all the possibilities," Mina J. said. "Learn how to track towards your goals and reach out to people who can help you along the way."

ADP will continue making measurable progress on our Diversity & Inclusion goals as we encourage our associates to volunteer in Hackathons, creating networking opportunities for more women technologists.   

A woman in black dress standing on a stage of purple background
Mina speaking at the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration

We thank all our associates who actively support the creation of rewarding opportunities for individuals across ADP. Our technology is better because we work together, and Each Person Counts.   

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