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Innovate with ADP: AfroTech Conference

ADP Sponsored AfroTech Conference 2021.

ADP was proud to sponsor AfroTech 2021, an innovative conference for leaders in technology and business. We sat down with six ADP associates who attended the event and learned about their career interests.

ADP was proud to sponsor AfroTech 2021, a multicultural tech conference in the United States, bringing together leaders in technology and business. This year, the panel included a series of in-person and digital events happening during the week of November 18. The attendees got the opportunity to exchange ideas and together built a strong black tech community.     

AfroTech World: November 8 – 13 

“It’s about connecting and learning from a diverse group of people,” Denise J., Principal Product Manager, shared her perspective.

Dawn D.R., Senior Tech PM

Dawn D.R., Senior Tech Project Manager, believes AfroTech is an opportunity for associates at ADP to think about the future of technology. “Being able to share these ideas and have discussions with others who may have crossed the Digital Divide is special. It’s a win-win. I got to learn from a technology community with cultural similarities and served as a representation for people of color,” Dawn said. “Representation is sometimes all that’s needed to encourage someone and show his/her interest in technology can be more than just a hobby.”

Denise R., Manager of Apps Develop (middle)

“Technology is a bridge to unity, and I was excited to be part of it. I wanted to see how others use their talents to build the bridge and find out how I can share my talents as we move toward continuous improvement and growth globally,” Denise R., Manager of Apps Develop, said. She believes AfroTech is about connection, inspiration, and motivation. “It was wonderful to be a part of the group. I was ready to contribute, exchange ideas, and build a community,” Denise said.   

“For me, AfroTech is a place to find acceptance and foster new ideas,” Hafeez R., Director of UX Design, said. He looked forward to discussing technology trends that impacted and enhanced the people of color’s community. 


Nathaniel T., Lead UX Designer

Nathaniel T., Lead UX Designer, believes AfroTech is a culmination of hard work, perseverance, and a true testament to the community’s determination. “I was so excited to attend a conference like this. While there are few of us represented in tech, it gave me hope and encouragement when we listen, learn, share, and pass the knowledge along for the folks up next,” Nathaniel said.

“To me, AfroTech was a new experience. It was my first time attending a professional conference. I was very excited to take this opportunity and find out what makes our industry so special,” Sean G., Associate Application Developer, said. He was curious to learn how difference and diversity help innovation in tech.

Who We Are: Belonging and Designing for People  

“It’s exciting to hear ADP is a sponsor of AfroTech 2021! ADP proves every day that they are at the forefront of inclusion and diversity, encouraging associates to learn from each other and be who we are,” Nathaniel takes pride in working for ADP.

When it comes to team dynamics and mentorship, Hafeez is grateful for genuine relationships with his peers and teams. The environment motivates him to take part in conferences such as AfroTech. “I am grateful for ADP as I recently took part in a management accelerator program sponsored by McKinsey, in which I learned about business strategy, operations, and leadership training,” Hafeez used the opportunity to broaden his horizon.

We offer a variety of programs and conferences to our associates across the globe. “AfroTech is one of many different opportunities that helped me fuel my growth. The GPT program I joined taught me brand new concepts and ideas about the industry,” Sean said. He also told us he met some of his best colleagues through the program.

Sean G., Associate Application Developer

“I have had the opportunity to attend numerous industry conferences and take advantage of ADP’s tuition reimbursement program. In the past few years, I have achieved two professional certifications from Stanford University using this wonderful program,” Denise J. said. “I feel like I belong when I know my opinion counts. I have also built many valuable relationships throughout the years and created life-long friendships.”

At ADP, we value associates’ personal growth and encourage everyone to continue learning. “There is no room for stay comfortable or stagnant, especially in technology. I have access to different learning tools and opportunities to attend conferences like AfroTech, Grace Hopper, and many more! The possibilities are amazing,” Denise R. said.  

Denise J., Principal Product Manager

In addition, Denise said, “I learned about different communication tools from a mentor, and I applied the insights at work and in life. I’m super grateful for the resources provided by ADP! I am looking forward to what’s to come in the future.”

We want to make sure every associate feels supported and performs at their best. “I am always challenged. Growth is valuable to me. ADP, once you are deemed a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in an area or topic, you can seek and offer something completely new. In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable, but there will always be support,” Dawn said. “There are a few categories in our timesheet that always make me feel supported because I know ADP values my learning and philanthropic growth – Training & Volunteering. Seeing these options listed has encouraged me to explore personal goals and aspirations.” 


Hafeez R., Director of UX Design

In the future, ADP will continue providing training and conference opportunities for associates. We encourage our technologists to ask questions and problem-solve, investing in personal growth and learning from each other. 

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