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Life @ ADP: Exploring Diversity in Tech

Season Three Ep 5

Welcome back to Life@ADP, the podcast that offers career advice and stories from our associates and recruiters around the globe. We are back with a new episode featuring Isabel Espina, VP of Product Development. 

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Isabel Espina

Working at ADP 

Isabel has been with ADP for 26 years and is passionate about encouraging young people from underrepresented communities to pursue tech careers.  

"I'm a technologist, a woman, a leader, and a Latina. I love how ADP embraces who we are," Isabel said. "We had a Cuban immigrant CEO and now a woman CEO. Diversity is the fabric of our culture at ADP, starting from the executive levels."

Building a Diverse Community  

Isabel is an active member of Adelante, a Hispanic Business Resource Group (BRG) that allows ADP associates to connect based on shared values.  

"I did a fireside chat for Adelante during Hispanic Heritage Month," Isabel said. "Even in the Latinx community, there are many different cultures, so I always think about how we can bring in diversity and tap into different representations for our clients."  

Regarding the intersectionality of Latinos in tech, Isabel describes the different facets of building a house. There are various roles, from people who set the foundation to architects, and that's the same in building products. She shares that STEM is not limited to “just coding”, which so many people associate it with, and she looks forward to mentoring more young talents in their understanding of what a tech career can consist of. 

A Career in Tech 

We asked Isabel what advice she had for somebody interested in a tech career. She responded that “technology is constantly evolving and it's essential to stay curious.” 

"One of the beauties of having a career in technology is that you are going to be a lifelong learner," Isabel said. "Don't be afraid to experiment. Make sure to maintain a network."  

When it comes to networking, Isabel elaborates on how important it is to have people who can help you navigate the professional world. From answering technical questions to guiding career paths, it's good to establish and nurture those relationships. 

Asking the Questions

What's the next step in your career? What do you want to achieve? Isabel encourages young technologists to ask themselves what they are passionate about and not get too comfortable in the same environment. In the episode, she shared her career shift and how to bring up the dialogue with leaders.  

Explore opportunities to meet other folks and showcase who you are," Isabel said. "I remember pitching myself like 'I've achieved X, Y, and Z. I can bring more to the table. I want to learn and grow.' Know what you want and articulate what you mean." 

To hear more about Isabel’s career journey and guidance in the technology space, check out the podcast episode. 

 Life @ ADP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. Listen to the full episode here or on your preferred podcast player!  

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