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Life @ ADP: In the Eyes of the Client

Life@Adp Clients

Welcome back to Life@ADP, the podcast that offers career advice and stories from our associates and recruiters around the globe. For any of you who are considering a tech career, keep reading! We are back with another episode featuring two of our technologists, Malvika T. and Justo P.

Coming to ADP 

Malvika, Lead Product Manager in DataCloud, has been with ADP for three years. Helping clients solve their business needs through ADP's products is one of her favorite things about her role.  

"I had previously worked in the retail technology industry, and I came to ADP to widen my creative perspective," Malvika said. "I was curious what is in this industry, and with ADP, I learned great things about the culture and people."  

Justo P., Senior Director of Application Development, has been with ADP for 15 years. He designed some of the first online security courses and helped create ADP's first innovation lab in Roseland.  

"I had a friend who worked here at the time. We had both worked in the finance and insurance industries. He shared with me good technology and the amount of data ADP has," Justo said. "I thought it would be great to come work here, and I'm glad I did!"  

In this episode, Malvika and Justo shared their career journeys, questions to ask in the developing process, and what working with a team of talented technologists is like. Listen to the full episode here.

A Team of Technologists 

light skinned man on the left in blue chekered shirt and woman in grey dress on the right
Justo and Malvika

Malvika's team is comprised of Software Engineers, Database Engineers, UI Developers, and UX Designers. They look at real-life, big-picture user problems like pay equity and retention. She describes her team as very agile and fast, which has helped her in her career growth.  

"We often ask ourselves how we can improve our clients' lives. The answer is constantly gathering requirements, talking to clients, and understanding their needs," Malvika said. "We have days when we experiment and other days where we explore how things can be more efficient. It's been fantastic."  

"We make sure to do a lot of planning and thinking in advance to make sure the product is easy to use and requires little to no implementation and service," Justo said. "The technologists also connect outside of work. For instance, we volunteered at Habitat for Humanity last month. It was a rewarding experience!"

Advice for Tech Job Seekers 

We asked Malvika and Justo what is a piece of advice they have for somebody interested in a tech career. They jointly responded that asking questions and being genuinely curious about the work is a key ingredient to success.  

"I have seen many people join ADP over the past 15 years. From a technology program for college students where we recruit juniors to as interns to them joining full-time after graduation, we have career fairs and offers across the country," Justo said. "You get to work with strategic leadership and people with your back."  

"For those considering Product Management, there are no prerequisites from a technology standpoint," Malvika said. "Be curious and start asking questions like how a product works and how to make it more efficient. I have learned so much in my role; it is a continuous process. All it takes is to reach out!"

Life @ ADP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. Listen to the full episode here or on your preferred podcast player! 

Interested in solving problems for clients and a tech career at ADP?  

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