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Life @ ADP: Leaning into Your Strengths

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Welcome back to Life@ADP, the podcast that offers career advice and stories from our associates and recruiters around the globe. We are back with a new season, and this episode features Sean Gibbons, the Director of Leadership Development.  

Career Development at ADP

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Sean expresses his excitement about reaching his 23rd year of working at ADP. Throughout his career here, Sean had three distinct roles that allowed him to see different sides of the business. 

"First, I started as an HR Business Partner, supporting our Global Product and Technology teams. About ten years later, I transferred to another role and supported our Small Business Services," Sean said. "I then moved into my current role with our Global Talent and Development team." 

As the Director, Sean focuses on designing and leading programs to enhance leadership effectiveness and team dynamics. When asked what has influenced him to stay at ADP for over two decades, Sean always answers that his experience in different roles makes things exciting. With changes in technology and the culture of exploring new ideas, every day feels like a fresh start.  

Strengths-Based Approach  

About six years ago, ADP leaders started a journey of redefining strengths in associates. Strengths are broader than merely tasks that somebody excels at. Instead, they are what the person is passionate about and loves doing.  

"Looking back to my career journey, I was always passionate about leadership development. I feel the most alive when I'm contributing," Sean said. "When our leaders help associates identify their passion, the associates are more likely to stay within the organization."  

Resources and Tools 

Here at ADP, we use a tool called StandOut every week. It is a platform for associates to identify their strengths, providing tips and conversation opportunities. The questions on the platform include: What did you love this week? What did you loathe, and why?  

"New associates will also take the StandOut assessment that's a part of the platform as an introduction. At the end of the assessment, they will receive a 14-page report highlighting their top two StandOut roles," Sean said. "The roles are based on one's recurring thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns." 

Reflect and Engage at Work 

From using StandOut to weekly check-ins, Sean encourages team members and leaders to discuss what a good week looks like. It would be helpful to know everyone's strengths, boosting a team's productivity and engagement. 

"Whether you are applying for a job here at ADP or have been working here for some time, start checking in with yourself," Sean said. "Take five minutes at the end of the week and reflect. What was the best part of my week? What were some of the challenges? Share them with your manager and use your traits to strengthen the team."  

Ready to engage more at work? Visit and learn about the StandOut assessment.  

Life @ ADP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. Listen to the full episode here or on your preferred podcast player!   

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