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Life @ ADP S3EP1: Talent Market Trends and What Candidates Want

Podcast episode on Life@ADP with guests Tracey S. and Glenn D.

“Sometimes your career may feel like a ladder and sometimes like a jungle gym, and that’s okay.”

Season 3 Episode 1: Talent Market Trends and What Candidates Want

Welcome back to Life@ADP, the podcast that offers career advice and stories from our associates and recruiters around the globe. We’re thrilled to kick off season three with our first episode, featuring Tracy S. and Glenn D. from ADP’s Talent Acquisition.  

Tracy has been with ADP for 15 years, leading recruitment worldwide in sales and marketing; Glenn joined in 2016, leading recruitment for executive leadership and tech talent. 

In this episode, they join our hosts, Ingrid and Kate, to share their career journeys, offer advice for job seekers, and discuss how ADP helps businesses navigate the modern workplace. Listen to the full podcast episode here.  

“Sometimes your career may feel like a ladder and sometimes like a jungle gym, and that’s okay,” Glenn said. “Don’t be afraid to take on new responsibilities, learn new things, and challenge your way of thinking.” 

“Be your authentic self and ask questions that are meaningful to you,” Tracy said. “This is how you get the answers and determine if the career path matches you.”  

ADP employees at a dinner table.
ADP Talent Acquisition

Hearing from the Recruiters 

Tracy and Glenn also shared the trends in the job market and what recruiters look for in candidates, highlighting the importance of adaptability, positivity, resilience, intellectual curiosity, and a collaborative attitude. They noted that candidates are looking for good company culture, mental health support, flexibility in their work, and career progression.  

“You’re seeing a shift in the market where it’s candidate-driven,” Glenn said. “While compensation is a key factor, culture has become the most predominant thing.”  

Recruiters ask themselves: How will the candidates leverage positive traits into this role? They found successful employees take the time to learn, grow, and care about others across the team. 

“We have a culture of collaboration and innovation here,” Glenn said. “People bring their full selves to work.” 

“ADP values integrity, respect, teamwork, and innovation,” Tracy said. “Supporting each other is what ADP is all about.”  

We take pride in creating an environment for associates from all backgrounds, putting diversity and inclusion into practice.  

Learning and Growing Together  

Glenn notes that candidates are taking the time to research the company and its culture before they even come in for an interview and are looking for consistency between what they see online and what they experience in person. 

“As a large company, what can we do to help? Some of it may be environmental work, and some may be helping the communities we serve,” Tracy said. “We celebrate historical events by connecting with communities and diving into associates’ stories.” 

Associates are encouraged to join a Business Resource Group (BRG) that is personal to them. For example, ADP’s International Women’s Inclusion Network (iWIN) has a mission to engage, equip and empower women to achieve personal and professional success.  

From building career workshops to celebrate their individuality through outreach programs like International Women’s Month, Black History Month, and Pride Month, ADP’s talent acquisition has meaningful conversations internally and encourages external learning opportunities.  

“Associates come together and share their experiences on BRG events, networking and exchanging feedback,” Tracy said. “We make sure everyone feels welcomed and valued.”  

Life @ ADP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. Listen to the full episode here or on your preferred podcast player!    

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