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Life @ ADP: Wellness at ADP

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Wellness means different things to different people, and at ADP, we’re striving to create an environment where people can feel safe and supported.

Welcome back to Life@ADP Podcast Season Three Episode Two.

Have you had days when you felt it was difficult getting out of bed, not because you were lazy, but because mentally, it was tough? What about the times when you weren’t feeling well and still responded with “I’m good” to the question “How are you?”

May is ADP’s Month of Caring, and there arguably isn’t a better time to talk about mental health and how to care for yourself and others. We are delighted to have Amy F., Senior Director of Global HR, join us for this episode. She shares with us the importance of wellness at work and how ADP promotes it.

Amy F., Senior Director of Global HR in a navy blue t-shirt in her yard.
Amy F., Senior Director of Global HR

“Outside of my role as an HR leader, I am a mother, a daughter, and a spouse. There are many things happening in life that make me who I am as a person, and that person is connected to my work,” Amy said. “We need real conversations and real check-ins with people at work.”

Leaders and mentors at ADP understand wellness can mean different things to different people. That’s why we offer mental health resources and provide an environment where talking about mental health issues is okay.

“I’ve been with ADP for almost 28 years, and I stayed for the people and the culture,” Amy said. “Working for ADP has enabled me to do everything I want from a work perspective, but still allows me to be where I need to be.

Amy and five family members smiling at camera in front of a lighted tree.
Amy and her family

Amy also shared being open to connections at work is key to ensuring people have an environment where they can be themselves entirely. It is flexibility and culture that makes ADP a unique place to work.

Developing a culture of wellness starts with communication. When we talk about how we’re feeling and when team members take the initiative to be aware of each other’s needs, it sets the tone for everyone in the organization.

Who do you turn to when the going gets tough? Of course, our friends and family are always there to support us, but how about in the workplace? That’s why ADP also provides access to an employee assistance program (EAP), which gives employees confidential, professional support for a wide range of mental health issues, but that’s not all.

“We also offer new financial wellness sessions this year,” Amy said. “From student loans and personal debts to planning future retirement, we want to ensure that we’re leveraging the partnerships to help our associates be better.”

As we build a better workplace for everyone, let’s not forget that wellness is more than physical health. It’s also the mental and emotional state of being. Wellness means different things to different people, and at ADP, we’re striving to create an environment where people can feel safe and supported.

We hope this blog recap of our latest podcast episode was both informative and inspiring. Please stay tuned for the next episode of the Life@ADP Podcast. Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and healthy.

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