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ADP is in the business of solving the toughest challenges of tomorrow’s workforce and shaping the future of work for millions.

Final Intern
Campus & Early Talent

A Look Back at ADP’s 2023 Summer Tech Interns

Early Talent, Intern to Full-Time, Career Advice

Meet our Summer 2023 Technology Interns, Aniyah, Rose, and Dhruv, who shared their internship experience and the skills they utilized in projects.

Fernando 1
Future of Work

A Fireside Chat with Fernando, VP of Data Science

Voice of Our People, Innovation, Career Insights

We sat down with Fernando S., VP of Data Science, for a cozy, fireside chat, asking him the questions you want the answers to as it relates to staying on top of data and tech trends and his journey at ADP.

Women In Tech Header
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

ADP Shines in the Growing World of Women in Tech

Women in STEM, Voice of Our People, What We Do

Tawana, Mina, and Jennie share their experience of what it's like to be supported at work and how that makes an impact on leadership.

a woman smiling in a library

Data Privacy: The Future is Now

Innovation, Tech Trends, Career Insights

Xiaojing W., our Distinguished Engineer, advocates for user-respectful interactions and shares ways she keeps applications safe and secured at ADP.

Voice of our people

People with limitless potential

Sharing our work, career experiences, and useful interview tips.

Aynsley Header Image

Aim High and Deliver: iWIN

Women in STEM, Voice of Our People, Impact

Aynsley T., VP of Product Management, shares her participation in the International Women's Inclusion Network and encourages associates to find their communities.

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a woman touching a screen

Podcast: ADP’s John Marcantonio on Low-Code Development and HR

Lifion, Engineering, Low-Code Development

John Marcantonio, Head of Platform Evangelism and Federated Development at ADP Next Gen talks with HCM Technology Report about low-code development, where it’s at, and what it could mean for HR and HR technology.

a logo on a red background

Podcast: Insights into ADP Engineering with CTO Tim Halbur

Lifion, Engineering, How We Work

Get an in-depth look at what's happening with ADP's technology story as CTO Tim Halbur joins Software Engineering Daily to talk through how engineering works at ADP, and how the organization builds for the future of the company while maintaining the code of the past.

a statue of a man on a ladder

Lifion at ADP’s cloud transformation journey

AWS Cloud, Transformation Journey, Voice of our People

Since Lifion's inception as ADP's next-generation Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, we've made an effort to embrace relevant technology trends and advancements.

a group of women with hats

Let’s Talk About Sets

Engineering, Sets, Voice of our People

Let's talk about you and me and how we used to find unique items before ES6.

a person typing on a laptop

Our Next-Gen Platform

HR Technology, Innovation, Lifion Team

We’re building the next generation of ADP’s Human Capital Management software solutions.

a group of yellow and blue paper boats

Being a first-time Engineering Leader

Leadership Journey, Career Advice, Voice of our People

“You did a great job as a senior engineer. You are now promoted to a manager to lead the new team that we just formed. Congratulations on your new role!”

a blue sign with white letters and a symbol on it
Career Development

From Horses and Manatees to Coding

Career Journey, Zookeeper to Technologist, Women in STEM

Best advice Samantha ever received? "If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room."

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