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National Pride: ADP Receives Department of Defense Patriot Award

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So often, we say, "Thank you for your service," when we cross paths with active military or veterans. 

For Matthew H., Lead Product Manager for ADP Ventures and Officer with the New York Army National Guard, this time, he was the one extending gratitude. Matt nominated ADP and Usman "Oz" K., Senior Vice President, ADP Ventures, for the Department of Defense's Patriot Award, one of the honors from its Employer Support of Guard and Reserves (ESGR) program. The award recognizes individual managers or supervisors at a company for supporting an employee's time devoted to military service.  

Matthew was honored that ADP and Oz earned this accolade, which he arranged to surprise Oz when leaders visited the Ventures NYC office. Brigadier General Gary R. Charlton from the Air National Guard, New York, and Gene Westmoreland from the ESGR joined Matt to present the award and thank ADP and Oz for their commitment. 

Matthew's Journey to ADP 

"I had started in OCS (Officer Candidate School) and became a platoon leader in the New York Army National Guard," Matthew said. "I'm now an XO (Executive Officer), the commander's right hand managing a company of about 150 soldiers, overseeing their day-to-day training, ensuring the commander's mission is delegated to the team members." 

Matthew joined the New York National Guard as a Combat Engineer in 2018 and worked for a tech firm on Long Island. A few years later, in 2021, Matthew joined ADP when he was interviewed by Ben R., Senior Director of Technical Services, who would eventually become his manager. Ben and Oz hired Matthew, knowing they could get him up to speed and guide his growth at ADP while supporting his military obligations.  

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ADP's Full Support of the Military 

Matthew's military obligation often requires him to take time off from his busy schedule at ADP to attend training or missions for the US Army. 

"The entire Ventures team is incredibly supportive of my obligations," Matt said. "There's a lot that goes into an upcoming deployment. We ship all our equipment, gear, and bags, and I oversee the soldiers going over, so there's a lot of stress getting the job done."  

 The last thing anybody wants to worry about is if they still have a job after coming home from a deployment. Matthew never felt that worry at ADP; instead, his whole team understood the responsibility and was always eager to step in to ensure business continuity. 

“ADP has a huge network of Military, which shows I am not the only one who agrees that ADP is very supportive of Veterans and military members,” Matthew said. “It’s been incredible to share stories and have something to connect on within first interactions with other associates.” 

Matthew, ADP thanks you for your service and is keeping you in our thoughts during your deployment.

ADP has generous policies that help when associates are on deployment, allowing them to keep their benefits. It's always a seamless transition back and forth between both jobs.  

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