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2023 IN REVIEW – Top Ten Blogs from AI to Engineering

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2023 was an incredible year for ADP technologists as we worked towards best-in-class products supporting a global workforce and client base. Here is our list of Top 10 Technology Blogs, ranging from Women in STEM, Innovation, and Engineering to Early Talents.

1) Breaking Barriers: Women in AI Making Strides in a Growing Industry

Woman in red dress holding an award on the right

Are you interested in pursuing Data and AI?

Meet Frincy C., Principal Data Scientist and the Canadian Ambassador for Women in Artificial Intelligence. She shares advice for women technologists and what's next in AI.

2) A Look Back at ADP’s 2023 Summer Tech Interns

Seven interns standing in front of a red background

What is it like to intern at ADP?

Meet three of our Summer 2023 Technology Interns, Aniyah, Rose, and Dhruv, who shared their ADP experience, including their favorite parts and the different skills they utilized in projects.

3) A Fireside Chat with Fernando, VP of Data Science

A man with blue glasses smiling on the right

What are some ways to stay up to date with the latest tech? 

We sat down with Fernando S., VP of Data Science, for a cozy fireside chat, asking him the questions you want the answers to as they relate to tech trends and his journey at ADP.

4) ADP Shines in the Growing World of Women in Tech

Three women in organic shapes on the left

We are proud that Seramount has rated ADP as a top company for Multicultural Women for the 10th year.

Hear from Tawana, Mina, and Jennie as they share their experience of what it's like to be supported at work and how that makes an impact on leadership.

5) Law of Resonance: Reaching New Heights Through Connection

A man in grey suits on the right

"Every product released in the market is a collective work of many souls and minds. No technologist ever works in isolation."

Viplove S., Senior Architect, shares how he uses the Law of Resonance to produce extraordinary results.

6) Meet ADP's Newest Distinguished Engineers!

Illustrated tablets and charts on the right

How do you create a culture of engineering excellence?

​Chuck L., Senior Director of App. Development met our newest Distinguished Engineers, Prateek M. and Oleg D. They shared current industry trends and what #innovation means to ADP.

7) Accessibility and Tech: Driving Change at ADP

A woman in glasses wearing a grey t-shirt on the left

If accessibility is new to you or something you want to learn more about, Kelsey H., Head of Accessibility, shares how ADP incorporates accessibility as a foundational aspect of the user experience.

8) National Pride: ADP Receives Department of Defense Patriot Award

A man in military uniform on the right smiling

So often, we say, "Thank you for your service," when we cross paths with active military or veterans.

For Matthew H., Lead Product Manager and Officer with the New York Army National Guard, this time, he was the one extending gratitude.

Matt nominated ADP and Usman "Oz" K., Senior Vice President, for the Department of Defense's Patriot Award, one of the honors from its Employer Support of Guard and Reserves (ESGR) program.

9) Closing the Gap for Single Mothers

A woman wearing purple raincoat in a forest

Meet Manjula G., Senior Director of Product Development, who volunteers to support single mothers in building a tech career, changing their lives forever. Consider becoming a mentor today to help underprivileged women break through barriers!

10) Aim High and Deliver: iWIN

A woman wearing a wine red shirt and a necklace on the right

Aynsley T., VP of Product Management, shares her participation in the International Women's Inclusion Network. If you are looking for ways to enrich your career journey, find a community and get connected!

Blog preview mockup on the left

We’d like to thank our associates across the globe for contributing! From Tech Trends, Women in STEM, and Career Advice to Award Stories, we will continue sharing stories with the community.  

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