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Let's Talk Resiliency and Well-being


What have you done for you lately? Do your networks influence your well-being?  

Mike R., Senior Director of Technical Project Management, shares his insights on how you can manage your well-being, build resiliency, and create a more robust support system within your personal and professional network.  

By Mike R.,Senior Director of Technical Project Management 

As the world grows through technological advancements, connecting with yourself and the people around you has never been more critical. 

In 2015, I was running a popular meet-up group where one of the guest speakers talked about one's emotional needs. Her experience got me thinking and discovering how to help people through difficult times.  To have a healthy life, we must create security and a safe environment. We need to give and receive attention as nutrition for our soul and body. It’s essential to feel a sense of control in making choices and creating emotional intimacy with meaning in life.  

How do we achieve well-being? In my experience, I have found there are multiple ways to connect and achieve a sense of well-being. Focus on your ability to listen and empathize. Seeing the world from others' perspectives and shifting your understanding can make a difference.  

Let’s try an exercise. Let's look at your Support Solar System. With you in the center, plot the names of people in your network. The closer they are to the center, the stronger the frequency of your contact. The arrows on the graph are the support you give and receive. Now, move people around in your solar system and make your observations. Do you want some connections closer or further away? Why?  

When plotting the stars and people's names, ask how you feel about your last interaction with that person. What details do you want to change the next time you see them? What went well in the previous conversation? Are any assumptions preventing you from building a stronger relationship with the connection?  

Now, think about the context of your network at ADP. Who around supports you on a day-to-day basis?

As a part of ADP's Global Product and Technology team, I often surround myself with technical-thinking people and have conversations on AI, graphic processing, and data hypothesis. I know for fact my tech friends and I would share similar views on current industry trends and hot topics.  

Although it is easier to build self-confidence in my tech network due to similarity, it’s important to find a balance in connections. It is like the Diverse Solar System. The more diverse your network is, the more helpful you may find in the community. Seeking out and spending time with people who have different perspectives will better prepare you for growth and learning opportunities.

This is my eighth year working at ADP, and I am still growing my connections. For example, I joined an outcome-based team, which was an exciting opportunity to work with clients and other ADP associates across sales and services. They shared knowledge and helped broaden my perspectives in the industry.  

At the end of the day, we are all human beings who need personal and professional relationships. Join me and try the solar system method of building resilience for you and your network!  

If you are looking for a great book on creating a meaningful and successful career, I highly recommend The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. It's a wonderful resource for people who would like guidance in navigating their everyday at work. 

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