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Life in the Fast Lane with Lyndze B.


"If there's something you love in your heart and soul, you'll figure out a way to make it happen,” Lyndze B., a UX Designer in Product Management, said.  

A woman holding a medal

For Lyndze, the special something is competitive cycling. She balances her passion for process design as a UX Designer and her weekly training for cycling competitions. Recently, she was awarded Gold Master Women (Individual Pursuit 2km, Time Trial 500m, Match Sprint), Silver Master Women (Team Pursuit 3km, Team Sprint), and Bronze Overall Master Women Sprinter.  

"Competing against some of the best cyclists in the world pushes me to practice calm under pressure," Lyndze said. "The cut-throat atmosphere of competitive cycling allows me to practice resilience and physical and emotional stamina." 

Humble Beginnings 

"I grew up on a dirt road with no sidewalks – if you wanted to get somewhere, you were on a bicycle," Lyndze said. "I remember playing traditional sports like basketball at school, then opted for cycling when I moved to Arizona to reduce my carbon footprint."  

When Lyndze joined ADP colleagues for charity rides, she decided to take her love of long-distance cycling to the competitive stage. She participated in various events, such as ADP charity runs, Ironman 70.3/140.6 distances, and Super Sprint, proudly representing the USA Triathlon Foundation.  

The mission of the USA Triathlon Foundation is to champion and advance the sport of triathlon, creating opportunities even for those who might not otherwise have access. As an ambassador, Lyndze motivates and inspires Olympic hopefuls, those aiming for the Paralympics and Special Olympics.  

"The Olympic dream is like a beautiful North Star UX project – a goal that takes years of dedication and a vision to achieve. Competing alongside the best athletes in the world is a huge honor,” Lyndze said. "Unfortunately, not all dreams become a reality for various reasons, but having a team to support those who dream is wonderful. Who knows, one day, you could be living that dream." 

Giving Back A group of bikers riding to a mountain

If you were to ask Lyndze about her journey into track cycling, she traces it back to the guidance of her mentors and coaches, who encouraged her from the beginning. Given the opportunities, Lyndze does the same by becoming a mentor herself.  

"This year is incredibly meaningful for my passion and professional journey. I'm fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds," Lyndze said. "Being a mentor in cycling and on my UX team is a joy for me. I love building confidence in others." 

Despite her tight schedule, Lyndze finds time for swimming and giving back to her community by teaching children in Detroit how to ride bikes. It is mentorship at its highest level, something Lyndze contributes to at ADP.  

More Than a Cyclist 

As a UX Designer at ADP for over seven years, Lyndze has seen payroll transformation. One of her favorite work memories is participating in a local Lifion hackathon with her colleagues.  

"We had a collective of engineers, product partners, and designers hacking together," Lyndze said. "When our teammate pressed 'Calculate' and the system worked, the collective breath of relief was palpable."  

Balancing work and life come with challenges, but at the end of the day, Lyndze counts it all as a well-spent life. She relies on her leaders, team, and trainer to combat these difficulties.  

"Devoting time to your passions allows you to be more present in other aspects of your life and enhances your perspective," Lyndze said. "It's never too late to believe in yourself and tone out the words of distraction." Lyndze encourages those around her to discover their passions and do the same. Beyond the emails, the trials, and the competition, everything is – as Lyndze puts it – just life. 

Across ADP, we congratulate and celebrate Lyndze on her incredible accomplishments as a decorated athlete and a vital part of the ADP UX team. So now it's your turn; how do you find your intersection of passion and performance? 

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