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Voice of Our People: Build Upon the Legacy You Have

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“Connect with your family’s history and share wisdom with future generations.”

Build Upon the Legacy You Have  

Amy B., Product Manager, recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary at ADP. We talked to her about her career journey, experiences with ADP, and what it was like transitioning from a non-tech career into a tech career. 

We asked what she loves the most about working at ADP, and she answered “people” with a big smile. Amy shared her passion for team building and growing a product career in tech. 

From Client Support to Product Manager

Amy first came to ADP in 2012 and worked as a Client Support Specialist. She designated team mentors for new hires and provided support to both internal associates and external application users.  

In the next few years, Amy worked as the Open Enrollment Process Lead and provided product training on ADP Workforce Now® new releases to team members.  

“At ADP, we are always open to new ideas,” Amy said. “I value the opportunity to grow within an organization that gives so much support to product managers and technologists.” 

For the fourth year, ADP is recognized as a 2023 Best Place to Work and one of the Best Large Companies to Work for by Built In, a top industry source for tech candidates to research and review companies. 

A Day as a Product Manager 

“Working as a product manager has allowed me to broaden my horizons by working with other product managers across multiple domains,” Amy said.  

Amy enjoys learning about the scrum activities and each of our various teams. During scrum meetings, the team shares their work updates and how to make tasks more efficient.  

The team demonstrates the features during the demo meetings and reviews upcoming work details in the grooming meetings. Amy always encourages her team to ask “why” when building something in the system, striving for the best user experience.  

“Discussing why we do what we do with the team is important. The step better helps us understand the development work and achieving goals for clients,” Amy said. “I showcase the team’s work during demo meetings with leaders. Getting feedback from associates ensures we deliver the best for our clients.” 

Amy noted that having a certification in agile or product management is not always mandatory. The drive and willingness to try something new are more critical, and there is no one straight path to becoming a product manager.  

“Don’t be scared to ask questions and find somebody to mentor you,” Amy said. 

Amy (right) and her best friend Eshlyn.
Amy (right) and her best friend Eshlyn

Amy’s Lens into Building a Diverse Workplace  

During Black History Month in February, we asked Amy what diversity meant to her as society moves fast, having conversations around equality and inclusion efforts.

“I remember we celebrated Black History month as a child in the church,” Amy said. “We did skits and plays about a Black/African American individual committed to inclusion and equality for all.”  

To her, Black History Month is a time to honor the contributions of all public and local Black individuals who created inventions, fought for equal rights, challenged the status quo, and spoke up for all human beings.  

Amy takes the celebration as an opportunity to highlight the Black culture and its contributions to our society today.  

“There are community events planned to celebrate these very efforts in addition to supporting black-owned businesses and products,” Amy said.  

She encourages everyone to continue protecting and teaching black history to our future generations, giving opportunities to black business owners.  

Three Ways to Get Involved: 

  1. Supporting black businesses.  
  2. Working with or donating to a charity. For example, Black Girls CODE.  
  3. Highlighting key black historical events in school systems. 

“Our communities can build upon existing momentum to positively promote awareness of past Black historical events as well as celebrating and promoting existing Black culture today,” Amy said. 

She also encourages everyone to continue having valuable and intentional conversations about their family history.  

“Continue to connect with your family’s history and build upon the legacy you have,” Amy said. “It is everyone’s job to share knowledge and wisdom with future generations.” 

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