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Chief Enterprise Data Architect

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ADP is hiring a Chief Enterprise Data Architect.

In this role the enterprise-level Data Architect uses, develops and maintains descriptive representations (strategy, principles, design patterns, model and language specifications) critical for effective data management in and among systems to enable the enterprise’s business. Effective data management in the enterprise necessitates a focus on data integration and related key aspects, such as data standardization, data sharing and data movement, for example, by way of APIs and data pipelines.

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The Data Architect collaborates with Business Analysts, Business Architects and Application Architects to:

  • Understand the enterprise business processes.
  • Develop and implement strategies for creating and maintaining standardized domain taxonomies and ontologies across the enterprise.
  • Determine the data management responsibilities of the business functions.
  • Understand the existing system landscape, systems’ functional and data management responsibilities.
  • Participate in and guide the design of systems (functional and data management responsibilities) as an integrated part of the in the enterprise architecture.
  • Review and communicate enterprise-level data-related descriptive representations.

Collectively, execution of these responsibilities results in the enterprise’s data architecture.

The Data Architect must be available as technical expert or consultant in systems’ architecture reviews, design and implementation activities.


Here's what you can expect on a typical day:

  • Develop and maintain data management standards, policies, and guidelines.
  • Design and document the data architecture from the business and system requirements, including:
    • Data models/schemas (class/property and business rules)
    • Knowledge representations (ontologies)
    • Data capture, storage, movement, and manipulation approaches and techniques
    • Data currency, accuracy and precision, retention, security approaches and techniques
  • Advocate the business requirements and architecture.
  • Communicate and provide data architecture / business expertise to other associates (i.e., Business Analysts, System Architects, Database Administrators) during system development; ensure systems’ data architecture is compatible with existing and future enterprise data architecture.
  • Lead or support the design, implementation, and maintenance of data models/schemas and knowledge representations for system data stores and inter-system communication.
  • Verify data model/schema and knowledge representation designs against the business and system requirements.
  • Conduct stakeholder reviews on all data architecture deliverables
  • Mediate between project stakeholders.
  • Apply reverse engineering techniques to understand and document existing data stores.
  • Ensure governance and quality in the definition, production and usage of data assets.
  • Assist in the development of overall project plans and timetables, analysis and identification of intermediate deliverables.
  • Communicate the value of data management to the organization.
  • Provides and reports upon technical reviews and audits at the enterprise and individual system levels.
  • Provides consulting and mentoring on data architecture design practices.
  • Provide short and long term data architecture strategies.
  • Anticipate knowledge and information applications or use of data.
  • Provide thought leadership; identify and analyze technical innovations and concepts supporting business objectives.
  • Be informed on current and emerging technological trends; communicate and discuss these trends to with other architects as candidates for strategy and standards


  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, data science or related field is required.
  • Additional certification in data management, enterprise architecture, or related areas are highly desirable.
  • 10+ years of experience in the process of formulating data architectures
  • Good technical breadth with qualifications in other areas of the software development lifecycle
  • Ability to apply method-driven approaches in requirements through design.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the complete software development lifecycle from concept to operational capability
  • Effective team and technical leadership
  • Good interpersonal skills for communication with stakeholders
  • Ability to facilitate agreements and resolve conflicts amongst organizations




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